So, one of our best stories…

Since we have been back from our trip most people have asked us about our best and/or funniest and/or craziest experience/story.  We of course have a handful and did our best to replicate them in blog form.  But as I … Continue reading

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The Next Chapter- Finding a Home and a New Adventure


First, to the modest number of friends, family, and strangers we now consider good friends that have been following our website and blogs for the last two years, we sincerely thank you (Thanks Andrea!).  What started it as a simple … Continue reading

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Heading Home… Oh Screw It- Let’s Go Back to Mexico!


With our car on a 28 day cruise up the Atlantic, we came to terms that this marked the end of our journey and it was time to head home.  We said our sad good byes to our Team America … Continue reading

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Tandil Argentina- Cheese, Sausage, and the Legend of the Jizz Rat


After four plus days of long haul driving up Argentina’s desolate Ruta 3, we finally started noticing a change in scenery- the views outside the car window changed from pale yellow to the more comforting greenery of agriculture land.  This … Continue reading

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Shipping Our Car Back to the US: Part Dos


So the cars are in containers at the Port of Montevideo, the container is locked and on a ship, the logistics and shipping firm has been paid, the ship is bound for the Port of Norfolk.  Whew! Nothing left for … Continue reading

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North from Ushuaia- Gas Station Camping and a Dead Penguin


Wooohooo! We made it to Ushuaia! Now what? After the elation of reaching our goal, and the accompanying hangover from celebrating reaching this goal wore off, we concluded there was nothing left to do but head a direction we hadn’t … Continue reading

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Shipping Our Car Back to the US: Part Uno


Somewhere along the northern stretch of Argentina’s Ruta 40, Danni and I hesitantly embarked on the ‘What to Do With Our Car When we Are Done Traveling’ conversation.  The conversation was difficult because it would first force us to come … Continue reading

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The Dolar Blue in Argentina: How to get the best exchange rate in Argentina


Ah, the Dolar Blue… the unofficial exchange rate of US Dollars in Argentina.  Aka, the BEST exchange rate for US Dollars in Argentina.  The banks and ATM’s only dish out the official exchange rate.  Get the Dolar Blue.  Do it.  … Continue reading

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ALL the way SOUTH: The end of the road is at Rio Moat


The farthest south you can drive anywhere in the world is Rio Moat, Argentina.  Yes, Ushuaia is always the destination for those driving south on the Pan American highway, but there is, in fact, a road that goes just a … Continue reading

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Getting to Ushuaia: Just when you think it’s easy


There is something about being so close to your goal, so close that you can almost touch it, taste it, that turns you back into the bright-eyed, excitable, newbie that you were when you set the goal.  Or in our … Continue reading

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